business in the wood

By YummyJuly
on 11 Aug 2017

Have you ever thought about what unites all people ... regardless of race, age or gender?
idea!! The idea that a person does not want to work, he wants to just enjoy life ... and the way to this lies only through money ... even simple happiness is difficult to build without having money))) no matter how they say that money is evil, But the fact remains a fact)))
So gentlemen, in addition to being beautiful outside, my head has an excellent plan for how to make money for our happiness with my future husband ... I came here to find my husband))) lol
So here's my plan ... you know that many couples find it very romantic to spend an evening at a picnic by the fire behind a sweet conversation, I even know a few pairs where the guys made a marriage proposal in this way ... around silence, sounds Nature, it is very disposes us girls for a positive response))))) but in addition to the planned dates, there are spontaneous friendly picnics, which can have a romantic continuation ... that's for such cases, I see my business. My idea is to organize a point on the sale of the most necessary items at such a moment ... Well, you already guess what is going on ?? of course!!! Condoms, and probably cigarettes, too, among these items)))) ha, how do you like this idea ??
Well, you can say that this is a crazy idea, but let's be honest, each of us had this awkward moment in life, when both want but can not, because there is no condom next. You can postpone this action for another time, Then everything happens ... the moment has left, and your happiness has disappeared behind the clouds ...
In fact, in my head there are many ideas how to organize a business. Therefore, I'm not afraid to share them with you. I want my man to see in me not only a beautiful girl, but also a person who is ready for something new
Julia , the passionate businesswoman

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