The difference between Ukrainian women and American women!!!!:))))

on 12 Aug 2017

Hello everybody!
Today is a great hot summer day and what am I doing on my lonely day? Of course I hasten to share my thoughts with all of you, my dear readers))))
In my last blog, I talked about my close friend who lives in the USA!! Of course, she is Ukrainian and will always remain Ukrainian in her soul (as we say, we can live in any country, but the motherland always is a homeland). But we often communicate with her and sometimes our communication is really very funny))))) Yesterday we spoke with her on a very interesting topic. Probably this topic will seem very interesting to everyone. This is about the difference between an American woman and a Ukrainian woman) So ... here are our beliefs
1) The first question of an American girl: "What are you doing?" The first question of Ukrainian girl: "Why are you in Ukraine?")))
2)The American is wearing flip-flops, because it's comfortable. The Ukrainian wears high-heeled shoes, because all men like this)
3) The American is looking for a stable career. Ukrainian woman is looking for a stable husband!!!
4) The American hates makeup. Ukrainian woman doing her makeup as an artist) ahahha
5) The American knows how to warm up chicken nuggets. Ukrainian woman - knows how to cook dishes according to the grandmother's recipe.
6) To sleep with an American, you must deceive her. To sleep with the Ukrainian woman, you should logically convince her of the benefits of this.
7) American perceives you as a colleague. A Ukrainian woman sees in you the master of her life)))
8) An American girl has never traveled, but believes she knows everything about the world. A Ukrainian girl has never traveled and complexes because of this.
9)American fanatet from Apple products. Ukrainian girl fanates from Apple products too.
10)An American woman visits a super-market in pajamas. Ukrainian woman visits a supermarket in a mini-skirt)
11) An American woman shows herself like strong and independent. A Ukrainian woman knows that she is weak and fragile.

It seems to me that these are ridiculous, but plausible comparisons. Maybe this list can be continued ?? Does someone have any suggestions?)))
Sometimes you need to introduce humor into our lives and then life will become brighter and more interesting) I am rigth????

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