Common interests in relations: Yes or No?

By Graceful_Ilona
on 12 Aug 2017

Hello to everybody! My name is Ilona and I like to share my thoughts with people and to listen to their point of view.
I used to be one of those people who believed that having similar interests was extremely important for a successful relationship. I just couldn’t understand how two people with different passions, beliefs, and hobbies could be in a romantic relationship. But this viewpoint changed when I began to see firsthand how couples with different interests successfully managed to make things work.
I finally realized that having the same interests isn’t so important when it comes to compatibility. In fact, it’s possible to have great chemistry with someone who has almost nothing in common with you! What matters most is that both people are respectful and accepting of each other’s beliefs and preferences. In many relationships, people tend to fall into the trap of obsessing over the things they don’t have in common with their partner, or even worse, they try to change their partner.
I am sure that being in a relationship does not give anyone the right to mold their partner into the person they want them to be. Unless it’s that person’s choice or they’re actually willing to change, compromising their interests will only lead to more stress and frustration. So instead of sticking to this ridiculous myth that shared interests are required to make relationships work, remember that it’s more important to be open-minded and just embrace what makes you and your partner so different.
It seems to me that real feelings have no boundaries. Distance, culture, age, different interests can’t make your heart to stop to love. And very often different interests make relations more interesting, colorful, unforgettable! That’s why Love and Don’t be Afraid of little difficulties, two loving hearts can overcome everything together!

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