What reasons are there for women to cheat on their men?

on 12 Aug 2017

I didn't think that i'll have a desire to talk about it but it's reality and sometimes it's important to remind men that every woman need attention and care! Every single day, especially if it's your wife! After the marriage many men just forget to show their women how much do they love them! But remember that you wife is not only a woman who raise children, cook, wash dishes and clean the house! She is "woman" first of all, woman who wants to feel that she is loved! Take it seriously men!
I think in many cases the woman is bored and emotionally unfulfilled. Let's face it, guys are wired differently than girls. Sometimes they just forget that romance, compliments, and sharing special moments are very important to a woman's happiness. After a few years they may end up in front of the TV watching football with a 6-pack for company, while the wife sits by wishing for a picnic in the park. Conversation about anything except the leaky faucet disappears, and the wife just feels she is wasting away. All of a sudden some guy at work starts flirting and paying her compliments and she feels desirable again and falls head over heels.
Marriage has to stay surprising and satisfying on a lot of levels, that takes hard work and constant attention.
Not trying to blame men, but that is how experience of many women tells me it happens.

With respect,

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