Are zodiac signs important in a relationship?

on 12 Sep 2017

When an astrologer interprets someone's natal chart - based on their specific birth data, including month/day/year/time/place - it tells them many different things about the person. Home life, the relationship the person has with their parents, interests in school, hobbies, food, possible health issues, what they look for in a romantic partner, what gets them sexually aroused, career path options...and that doesn't cover everything!

In my experience, a lot of people look to the zodiac to help them figure out why some girl doesn't like them or how they can make a guy fall in love with them. Those folks frequently end up disappointed. But those who dig a little deeper to find out more - such as Cancers tend to process the world through their emotions, Libras will often hold on to relationships as long as possible, and Geminis can be very flirty - might end up having more compassion for others because they realize we all have issues when it comes to relationships, regardless of our zodiac sign.

What do you think about it, my dear friend, do you believe in astrology?

I would like to know your opinon about it.

Sincerely yours,


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