Re: Is it possible...

on 12 Sep 2017

Unless I missed something, your post does not mention video chat or Skype.

When you can see someone in a live video chat, you can get a much better feeling for that person, a feeling that you can't get from a text message.

I will not do this.

I want to see your face (as most photos are doctored and do not reflect how the woman actually appears), hear your voice and watch your mannerisms and facial expressions. Perhaps this is why women shy away from video chats or Skype.

I am fortunate. I have Skyped with my lady friend quite a few times, and with each time we become closer and more familiar. We use a translator, but I am also learning Ukraine language.
Our letters become more intimate, and we talk much about meeting. We also email privately and exchange photos (more than one at a time). We also still use this site for letters, because sometimes it is easier to have someone else translate, as I am still a beginner in Ukraine language.

Am I falling in love with her? There is no doubt. She is not a photograph or a translated letter; she is real, alive. I can see her laugh, and I perceive her shyness and mannerisms. We also have a wonderful translator. In our last Skype, I spoke to her in Ukrainian for the first time. You should have seen her smile!

So yes, I believe you can fall in love on line, but not through text messages. You must see the person live, watch her eyes, facial expressions, mannerisms, personality. You must hear her voice and inflection. And you must do it over a period of time.

The fantasy of this process is a lot of fun, but the reality of it is a lot of work.

Blessings to all,


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