on 12 Sep 2017

Men prefer not to discuss, but to act. And they do not listen to women's words, thinking that women are too focused on feelings. But if we speak different languages, how can we agree?
"It is important for a woman to be sure that she is loved, and for this she needs not only being close, but also words," psychologists explain. - But the man is silent, and she perceives his silence as a lack of interest in her. A woman needs to be kept in mind: the male brain is organized in such a way that it is more difficult for men to express their feelings in words. It is easier to report facts, analyze, give advice. " But in this difference, there is also a positive side: the conversation between a man and a woman, sometimes recalling the dialogue of the deaf, awakens the desire to comprehend the mysterious creature of the opposite sex. But are we so incomprehensible to each other? In part, this mutual misunderstanding is one of the most widespread myths. In fact, the opposite sex is not so alien to us, because we have a psychic bisexuality, which was discovered by Sigmund Freud. "In each of us there is a male and a female principle. From childhood we believed that in us, born of father and mother, there is blood of both. So, their psyche drives love. In every adult there is a whole spectrum of previous conditions, including memory of a romantic relationship. And at any age, children's sensations can come upon us when a man wants to be back at the mother's breast, and a girl wakes up in a woman who pulls her to him like a father. "
So what do you do? Remember that men and women, we express our thoughts and feelings differently and differently understand what we have heard. Recognize that this difference is one of the attractive sides of communication between us. And finally, accept that two do not always need words. There, where the word is powerless, they say the feelings are.
So ... Men, what do you think about this? Can a man and a woman understand each other from the first word? ;)
My best regards, Eugenia

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