on 13 Sep 2017

Please note that opinions expressed in any of my blog posts are not meant to bother anyone, just my point of view.
Talking about falling in love online and is it possible. First let's talk about love and what it is.
Love has many different ways of manifesting itself and we all need to have it in our lives. Sometimes the love of a friend, a sibling, a child, a parent or other significant person is enough to appease us but , for the most part, we all need the love of our partner, our soulmate, our one true person who will stand beside us to walk through life together.
With today's technology the world is your oyster. We can search for that one pearl that will brighten our life and allow love to grow. Love can begin in many forms and grow even without actually meeting but you will never know real love until you are actually together. Today we have the internet which allows us all to meet people from all over the world. We are inundated with hundreds of dating sites from all over this glorious planet with millions of women looking for love. Or at least we hope that the profiles we see and interact with are women and not just scammers, believe me I have seen many of them.
We see many beauties on these site and we find that one we think is that one for us, we converse and a relationship builds. We chat, write and maybe if we are lucky find one who will exchange contact information. Then we can really find out if he or she is the person we think they are and if we are truly falling in love with that person. I do think that it is possible to really get to know someone online and eventually fall in love but you do still need to meet in person and find out if that person is actually as they say they are when hidden behind the monitor. We all sometimes do and say things that promote ourselves to be who we want to be and not always what we are. Be as honest as you can be because if you do desire to actually meet that person and find that things are not as projected, then the letdown can truly be a disaster. Over the past number of years I have been duped more than once so I am more careful now with what I say and do. It is better to be lesser than it is to be something you are not. If you are honest with yourself first then love will have a chance.
Ladies, a word of advice for you. If you are here, if you are serious and really want to find love in a foreign country, be willing to share contact information first if you meet someone you like and want to have him in your life, be willing to learn his language second, and thirdly be ready for some major changes in your life. Be ready to work with that one man to grow your garden of love, do little things every day to show him you really care and he will show you that you are his world.
Love doesn't come easy. Sure we can think we are in love and play around but soon the truth will uncover itself and you both will feel like crap because you just went through the cycle without doing anything to allow your true feelings to flourish. Nothing good comes easy because if it did, everyone would do it. Take time to be honest with each other and if the love is there, it will grow.
I hope what I have written allows my readers to see who I am and feel my point of view as being legitimate. I certainly am not perfect, just looking for love and the perfect woman for me. I believe I have found her here, just waiting for her to take that step and share her contact info so we can really begin our journey together.
Good luck to all of you and I pray that each and every one of you find the love you are searching for.
I would appreciate any comments and feedback on my post if you should feel so desired. God bless you all.

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