Should it be so or not?

on 26 Sep 2017

Hello to all readers of my blog))))
Having gone through a certain path of one's life each of us acquires the very quality that is called wisdom. What does wisdom mean to you?
I believe that wisdom comes with age. There comes a certain kind of maturity.
Your thoughts drastically change and you start to look at things in different way and change your values. There comes the time when you are less interested in someone's conversations, you are not interested in any intrigues and you start to turn around from falsehood. Do you?
More and more, in order to paint your life, instead of using a huge palette of colours you use only a simple pencil.
You stop wasting your energy on various trifles, you start noticing some other people's opinions, read news, you stop adjusting yourself to various patterns of good manners. But it is still very important for other people. But why?
You are more and more interested in activities for your soul, not for the world, not for achievement of career, and admiration in the empty eyes of the environment. You are more interested in your cultural education, interesting books, and ... The only thing that is lacking for the fullness of happiness of a human being is a person who shares the same views.
All you need in the end is a small house where you come after a fight with the world. You want to hear awkward children's steps... and see her. You need the one, who keeps the family being, who will listen to what is happening with you behind the door of the house. The place where you put your strict face expression on a shelf and really enjoy life!
I wish you all a wonderful final outcome !!!!

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