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By Helen...
on 26 Sep 2017

Hi, there!!!Today,I'd like to talk about one more stereotype ,which exits mostly in every man's head... As they say "Every women should be able to cook". I am not sure if it's so all around the Europe and USA, but here in Russia and Ukraine it's a notorious fact.
BTW, the best chiefs all over the world are generally men, but it does not mean that women should not cook for their families. And it comes from the the very beginning of human beings, women are responsible for domestic hearth.
To my mind, I am found of culinary,I like cooking,and I am sure I do it rather good. I always search for new tastes and receipts and it lasts during 5 years.Btw, I seriously think about writing a book of my own receipts. There are many dishes, which I can't cook, because of the lack of products here. The best is yet to come!!!
Sincerely speaking, I don't find cooking as something very difficult,but actually I like to cook for someone special. As for me, I try to eat healthy food, and it's always easy to make for example simple salad...But my beloved will be pampered with different tasty meals.
I know there are a lot of women who are sceptical to culinary, and can't cook even smoke fried eggs,of course they have such right, but such girls always make me smiling. In fact, mostly all men wants not just sexy pretty face and body, but also the mistress of the house.And it does not mean, you you can and like cooking, you should be ugly, raw and always tired, it depends only on person.
To my mind, all men are maximalists and want ideal woman, sexy, stylish, beautiful and also practical. Everything is in one person , so that is why woman is "multifunctional creature":)
So, women here if you still are not good cooks, it is never late to study... Do it for yourself and your beloved will value this in future. And BTW, it's always funny and tempting to cook with beloved,because kitchen is the place but only for making meals. :)

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