on 10 Oct 2017

I think many men will answer this question negatively!

But anyway! Yes, a girl can be both beautiful and smart! Only for some reasons many men do not like it very much! Some even flee from those in whose eyes they see even a little ability to think logically. Although, I do not argue, there are those who are not interested in spending time just with a doll!

Sometimes it seems to me that men themselves contradict themselves. They like beautiful and smart girls, but when they meet, agree and admit that she really is smart, they do not want to have relationships with that girl anymore.

Why, for example, when a beautiful girl gets a good job, it never occurs to anyone that she can be smart, everyone thinks that she is at this job, only thanks to her appearance ...

Do not think badly of beautiful girls who have achieved results - they occupy a good position and successfully advance on the career ladder! A stupid girl will not achieve anything, even if she is taken for a good job, but eventually everything will fall into place and it is likely that in the end she will lose this post.

I would also like to say a few words about women's wisdom: a real woman should be able to support her man; she should know when she should say something, and in what situation it is better to remain silent.

In fact, girls are a beautiful half of humanity! But this fact needs to be justified, therefore, they always should look great! So there is nothing bad that the girl is beautiful and smart!!!
So, men, which woman would you choose: smart or beautiful or maybe both?
My best regards, Eugenia

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