It's all about constant effort

on 10 Oct 2017

Just remember how your latest relationship started: those precious moments of the first dates when you are trying to look and do your best to impress each other. She is taking ages to get ready for your date to look like a princess for you. She surprises you every day, cares about you, gets on well with your friends, family and even your pet. You are being on your best behavior too. You make plans for dinner, invite her to the movies, and take her out for romantic walks. She has a great time because you are attentive, charming and hilarious. Okay, maybe you are not a stand up comic... but at least you manage to put a smile on her face. And when you look into her eyes, focus on her lips, lean closer... and kiss her for the first time... she feels desirable.

As time goes by and you win her over, you find yourself spending more time at home because you can’t be bothered to waste money at your favourite restaurant... to eat the same meals and to see the same people. You don't bring flowers anymore when there is no special occassion and stop saying that she is beautiful. She wears comfortable clothes instead of your favorite dresses and sexy lingerie and and now and then forgets about her make up. Your friends suddenly become those 'noisy guys that come over too often' and instead of noticing good things she never loses a chance to tell you what you've done wrong.

Sounds like a bad ending to a romantic movie, right? I think so too. But that's what I keep hearing from couples who have been together for a long time or recently divorced colleagues. I keep wondering why does it have to be like that? Isn't it easy to put a constant effort? Isn't it natural to keep trying for your beloved so that he/she is happy? So that both of you are happy together. Perhaps, it's easier said than done but I am willing to try! Shall we try together?

Have a great week!
Your Asya

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