Life is short...Choose to be happy!!!

By Amaryllis
on 11 Oct 2017

I know it is hard to feel happy in the world full of sufferings and pain. Feeling happy when everyone else is in pain and chaos. Help when you can but don’t carry everything on your shoulder, you can’t help everyone. People in need and helping is not all about money, money is not the answer to everything. Some people just need comfort, even a smile and hug from someone, someone to talk with, or just someone to just be there.
Life is too short, we only got one shot in this lifetime. We may get sad and gets our heart broken but don’t dwell too long on it, time is too precious and you can never get them back. You mat get hurt by someone you love, your trust being broken by the person you trusted most. Forgive, it is for your own good, understand that sometimes you get hurt by people you love unintentionally, just because you are no longer part of their happiness. They chose their happiness, you might as well choose happiness too. Explore, discover yourself, do what you love and enjoy the most, feel free, free to be just yourself, just love yourself. How can you give love to someone and everyone else if you yourself can’t even give that to yourself, it starts from within.
Forgive, it is not other people’s obligation to make you happy nor your obligation to make them happy. Just give what you can give and always give your best, in case you may need to go separate ways you wont have any regret and made happy memories with them. If someone cut you out from their lives, sad but just respect their choice, you yourself cut people from your life too. If someone causes your pain and heartache, just think that in some point of your life you caused pain and heartache to someone too, then you’ll understand.
Make new memories, appreciate everything, be grateful in everything. There may be reasons to feel sad but there are so much more in this world to be happy about. Some people may hate you because you can’t please everyone, but there are people that loves you with all their heart without expecting anything in return.
Do your best to understand so you can forgive and set yourself free and become happy again.

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