How do you think and imagine your perfect date?

on 13 Nov 2017

Hello dear readers,
How do you think and imagine your perfect date? What would you like to do? I can share with you some example and you will let me know which one you like more)))
1. You could get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant, have some good food and share a bottle of champagne and around you will be a lot of candels and good music.
2. You could wear jeans and T-shirts and go out to a pub and have good comfort food. Or you can go outside of town and have pic nic on the nature with beer and bbq. Also we start a fire, roast marshmallows, and watch all the stars.
3. You could stay home and cook dinner together. You could prepare dinner together,something spesial and tasty and watch TV .
Which one will you choose or do you have something to add to my plans or your own?)))
4.You can go to the cinema, sit on the back row and kiss)) of course you will not call it a trip to the cinema, but you will enjoy each other))
Very interesting what kind of dates did you have not so long ago? You had a good time and would like to have this appointment again, or better not to remember?
Wish you to have your perfect date!! Sincerely, Elena

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