What Family Is to Me

on 13 Nov 2017

What Family Is To Me? To me, family means a lot more than a relative by blood or marriage. It means the people who accept you no matter who you are, where there's no hatred or judgment. The love of a family should be unconditional, and everyone should try their best to provide all they can for the people in their family. My parents showed that family means love, respect and sacrifice.Love is the first part in any family. I can be defined in more ways than one. Family love is the strongest type because it is unconditional. This unconditional love means that no matter what happens my family will still love me. And after all the things I have done wrong, or done badly, my family still shows this unconditional love to me and to each other.The second part in a family is respect and trust. Trust is something that can take years to build, but can be broken very easily. By breaking trust with a family member one is also breaking respect of the family. The two ideas go hand in hand. This respect that my parents gave me, in turn gave me their trust. And I gave them the respect and trust that was given to me.Without sacrifice, a family cannot be. The sacrifices that family members make for each other show the willingness to be an unselfish part of a family. Sacrifices also display the love, respect and trust in a family.

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