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16 Nov 2017

Why don't some mothers teach their sons to respect women?

by Miss_Elena
I would think all women would try to get their son's to respect women. That's where the father comes into play. If a son was raised in a home where the father abused [physically, sexually, or emotionally] the mother or clearly disrespected her then the child will do the same. I would say that is somewhat the mother's fault for staying with the man but sometimes the mother's father didn't respect her mother and the cycle continues.
It has a whole heck of a lot to do with the father though. I think women can try and try to explain to their kids that you don't whistle at women, you don't treat women like animals, you don't hit others, but if Dad does those things then it shows that it IS okay.
Sometimes mothers AREN'T respectable to begin with. If your mother dressed in whorish clothes, didn't give a care in the world about you, or slept around with other men then that gives the example that all women are like that. If she allowed men to treat her without any respect then that is what the son will learn.

So dear men, please think very carefuly what do you say to women and how do you act with them and always remember that someone can act the same way with your mother, daughter or wife!