Do you prefer dessert or just relax watching TV?

on 17 Nov 2017

Hello dear readers!
I hope you like reading my blogs and learning my thoughts)

Today I want to tell you a little about how my parents lived.
My father is a great workaholic, he spent a lot of time at work, and my mother always dealt with our upbringing and home comfort. I've always seen how hard it was to do household chores, she never had time to get enough rest just by watching TV on the couch. When my dad had time to spend it not working, he always tried to help my mother around the house and in the kitchen, that they would have more time for their joint rest.
I know that many men avoid helping the wife in the kitchen or at home, because they think that this is not for men. In their opinion, "a man makes money and a woman makes a home cozier"
How do you think it should be in our future family? Would you prefer to lie on the couch and watch TV, when I cook dinner in the kitchen, or help me and then get a dessert?)))

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