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06 Dec 2017

Why do people who love each other break up?

by SugarSkin
Each of us wants to really love to go crazy about the beloved person, feel his warmth, be his friend, lover, partner... For me it has always been a mystery why loving people break up and can not forget about their grievances, why for them their own interests and priorities are much more important than a loved one?
First of all I want to note that many of us really do not know how to love.. Love in my understanding is not just kissing, passion and expression of feelings. It is care, respect, acceptance of human shortcomings and admiration for its merits. I think indifferent people will never be able to learn how to love if they do not change their approach and attitude towards their beloved people. Unfortunately, we pay attention to such things a year or two later after our meeting.
Once I talked to one person and he said that the ability to love also depends on the intellect of a person, the ability to analyze. Interesting, is not it?) Usually people separate the mind and the senses, but it is more obvious that they always cooperate with each other.
Love is an unsolved mystery, an unexplored science that does not serve any precise calculations. It is difficult to define, measure, solve... It's like some mysterious phenomenon that has no consistency, can arise at any time and it can get sick everyone))
But I believe that you do not need to resist feelings, when you have the sympathy for a person you need to connect both the heart and the brain)) And this is not so easy, because you need not forget about the balance)
As for love, there are always more questions than answers) And every person has their own answers) Therefore, one should never refer seriously to someone else's experience with great seriousness, do not pass through your heart and not measure your feelings in this way. Each person has his own way to understand many questions of life.
And I really want to wish someone who reads it, to find the most sincere love as soon as possible, and enjoy with your loved one every day, every week a month, a year, a life!))