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06 Dec 2017

Mistakes of men in bed.

by StrawberryLips
Have you ever wondered why, when you got a girl, next time she avoids you?
So, the main mistakes that men commit:
A man undress faster than a woman.
Imagine what a woman feels when a man is already "what a mother gave birth to," and she just managed to pull off the first boot.
At the most inopportune moment of time, it is not worth asking the question: - "Honey, are you already?".
Someone the Great said: "A man should smell like a man." But this does not mean that after a hard day or training, you must first run to bed, postponing the hike in the shower for later.
In no case should you turn away and fall asleep immediately after intimacy, this is a grave insult, a blow to women's vanity.
Do not leave too bright a light, it prevents her from concentrating on the process itself.
Delivering pleasure to a woman, one does not need to look into the eyes. Make it look like you're into the process and you like it.
No one argues, you have a great sense of humor. Just do not throw jokes in bed.
Do not forget to watch your nails and periodically cut them.
Here, a very characteristic error of men in intimate relations is the distribution of commands. This is more like an officer-soldier relationship than a passion between a man and a woman (role-playing does not count).
It is not necessary persistently praise your friend and his size.
Classical (missionary) pose does not imply that a man should lean on a lady with all his mass. You are mistaken, thinking that she is puffing and breathing heavily with pleasure.
Nothing should interrupt you. Especially if it's a call on a mobile phone or some event on TV. This is a stupid mistake.
Tearing underwear, oh, this is a delusion. Even the most wealthy ladies are very sensitive to underwear. So do not abuse it.
I can still talk about this for a long time, as there are a lot of them, but I postoralsya highlight the main.
I hope that this information will help to better understand the girls and build strong and full relations in the near future.
If you want to know more details, then welcome to me, I'm always happy to help.

Your Nastya.