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06 Dec 2017

Do whatever works for two :-)

by LadyLuck
Hello, as always wish you all a great day)
If you'd ask me "Daria what do you think is the most
selfless act one can do in a relatioship in your opinion?
Be honest to yourself about what works with you two and what does not.
How many things have you learned about this fine art of being in love?
You say it isn't a lot? I'm surprissed.
Say you weren’t happy in a relationship with a certain person, then be happy that you’re not in that relationship anymore.
If you trully love someone you might even have to let go of that person sometime... Imagine that. Next statement may not apply to everyone but some.
I'm saying to that it's time not be frightened by your past mistakes but be amazed of what future holds for you as a better more mature person for the actions that you convcieve at this very moment! They are withing your grasp.
Here's one example that I always love to remember when thinking of how
we can always turn things for the better.
Friend's parents got divorced when she was in school.
They have been together for nearly 17 years but have argued constantly.
After they got divorced her dad bought a house close to them, they lived and became best friends with her mom. They went out for dinner several evenings a week, never argued over what to do with the kids, helped each other with bills. They just dated other people. My friend said she wished they would have done that years ago. This is a distant example for You, I'm sure there's 1000s of such examples where things have turned out for better for both people... Let's listen to them.
I'm happy for each of you who has found or is looking for the feeling of true closeness something more than just a friendship :-)
Wish you all Happy December)))
Sincerely, Daria