Aliens in my head.

on 10 Jan 2018

Hey-lo to all suns of this Galaxy!
There's a topic all people of Western Ukraine discuss! And I propose it for you too today ;)
The thing is that some skillfull guys have "caught on camera" some UFO, and now strongly pretend it to be real ;)
The video is just a fake, and it is obvious, but I still believe there are some aliens out of this Galaxy.
Do you believe it? Do you believe we are not alone in the Universe?
As for me, it is obvious. It is too mean to think that we are alone that smart and developed in this Universe. Not talking about other Universes ;)
Sometimes I remind myself here of an alien who sends into space some strange signals that people from Earth do not understand ;) Have you ever seen my signals here? ;)
I won't believe someone will refuse my signals, but... what if I use wrong code???
Tell me?


P.S. A pic of me ("Looking like an alien" (c) Mom) included ;)

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