New year holiday card #997

By LadyLuck
on 10 Jan 2018

My new year resolution is to make someone happy :-)
In the world full of proposition=reward style to relationships it's easy to forget
about symptathy and selflesness.
How many lonely man say that their only friend is their dog.
What makes so many man form this opinion?
Isn't it worth to strive to be the one who is selfless and honestly mean it?
What do best relationships have in common?
- Deep mutual understanding
- Trust
- Selfless desire for the well being of their partner
- both are active in shaping each others life
It's not something that you ask a price for, isn't it?
People are not property, people are like cats
They're not yours and loving them may not give you any reward
but isn't it a bit sad when their comfort is gone?
So why are so many waiting for a reward when doing so with people around us?
Except people are way better! Any good person doesn't take anything for granted.
so if the mutual response never comes... it probably was never meant to be.
Love... give... and do so selfleslly you might just find another person who is just as interested in you :-)

Happy new year

Your Daria

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