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13 Feb 2018

I saw her and I couldn’t leave her any more

I’m not the one who comments everything, though my girlfriend insisted on this. I want to share my own experience on And I am doing this for your, to assure you that dating sites really work and unite people from different countries and cities. So, I’ve registered on this website a year ago and was rather skeptical about all these online dating and relations. But when I’ve chatted with several ladies, I’ve understood that most of them are rather serious in their plans to find their love, future husband or just a close person. And I started changing my attitude and become more attentive to their feelings. I wrote Tania spontaneously she just was online and had wonderful photos, I didn’t bother about her profile info and future plans. We started communication as friends rather easy and naturally. And after 7 months we decided to make the next step to meet each other. And that’s it, I saw her and I couldn’t leave her any more. Now we are together and everything is as simple as that.