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13 Feb 2018

February 14 is a holiday or...?

by FairQueen
Nowadays, everyone is so carelessly relate to this! I now believe that not one day in the year you need to show your love! Love does not last only one day!!! It should be shown every day every minute and every second)))) Love is not a thing you remember once a year! Love is a feeling that can not be described in one word and you will not show it once a year) We need to prove our love all the time)))

For me, probably the most important thing is not empty words, but actions that are fixed in words!!! There is such a fact that love lives for three years! Real love grows and develops every day, every month, many many years.

A man in love is seen from a distance! Here you look at the man who loves, he always smiles))) And you yourself become joyful in your soul! And such a person can be happy on any day not only on February 14!!! On this it does not matter when you share happiness with a loved one)

True love does not need dates! We have to show this when we feel it) Maybe at this moment someone is waiting for you from the word love? I'll tell you a little secret. Girls are ready to hear it at any time! And I'm not an exception))) So if you were shy to say this before, then do it right now!

I hope my hint was not too frank? Waiting for your comments on this!

With love, Anastasia)