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13 Feb 2018

Why it's the Day of Love and the mentally ill?

by SweetKitti
Maybe it's because love is crazy?

That chemistry that's inside of us. Maybe just blow your head)))
Not literally of course)) It would be very dangerous)) I doubt that people would learn to love in this case)))
But love really drives us crazy. It makes us do strange things.
And this is the beauty of love)) When we experience a feeling of love - we are able to live. To really live.
To love and be loved)) Maybe life at some point it can become like a movie))
On a good romantic film)) In which there will be both passion and romance and much more.
But the most important thing is not how to spend time. The main thing is with whom to spend time.
The most important, no matter what to find the opportunity to be next to your beloved))
At such moments, we can commit acts that make us happy))
Only love can push it))
I'm sure that every person on the planet did something crazy for the sake of love) Or will)))
I think that this is life. Not thinking about the consequences of doing something beautiful)

Love, Madness, Happiness)) What is excessive in this list?)))

Strange but true))
Cupid Katia))))))