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13 Feb 2018

To keep, it must be released !!!!

by SweetAn
Greetings, my companion)
What is needed to give freedom to another person? Perhaps you need to have freedom within yourself?
When we are truly free, we value the freedom of others! It becomes natural and necessary for us, like air!
I do not know if you noticed that the prisoner and the guard are in the same prison, only on different sides of the lattice !!!
To give freedom to another person, you need to LOVE it! Do you agree with this?
Because freedom is love !!! And love is........
Love is a drug. At first there is euphoria, lightness, a feeling of complete dissolution. The next day you want more. You have not yet managed to get involved, but, although you like this feeling, you are sure that you will be able to do without them. You think about your beloved being 2 minutes and forget about it for 3 hours. But gradually you get used to it and get into complete dependence. And then, you think about it 3 hours and forget for two minutes.
It can not be limited and controlled!!! IT NEED TO BE RELEASED!!! And then it will stay with you forever!
Do you want to stay with me FOREVER???

Sweet Angel