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20 Feb 2018

How often you say “love”?

by Jennifer
Hello! My name is Jane I want to share my thoughts about words, which describe our feelings. I think, it has started to lose its meaning…
How often you say “love” during your day or week? This word is not familiar to me, I don't really understand and use it, because nowadays it becomes something different. People start use it too often and it has lost its sense...
I want to tell you one more thing about me. I think that people's behavior, acting and attitude to you and other people can tell us much more than words. And I don't often use words to describe my feelings, because feelings are so essential for us and we really understand it without words.

I have a thought, that words, which describe feelings has been created by people who wanted to lie about it. What do you think about this opinion?

It is only my contemplations at this time) I am flexible and like to talk and really listen people. So you can try to change my mind, if you think other way. I would like to hear your opinion))