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22 Feb 2018

Once again about Age Difference

by CutieAnnie
I know this topic is often raised as a possible problem, so I decided to share my views and thoughts about it.
Age is such a trifle thing, it may only influence the “wrapper” of our inner world. What matters is what is inside the wrapper! Age difference... well it is indeed just a number. Another thing is maturity. Quite often it depends on age, but not necessarily. the person can be young, but quite mature and responsible ( depending on his or her life experience, character, upbringing, life values) and vice versa. One can have quite a solid number in his passport ( age), but no maturity in his character, in his life values, life style. But it's important to stay young in your soul also. What does it mean “ to stay young”? To be open for new things, to keep enjoying life, adding some variety to it, not becoming too conservative. It's just the matter of the right balance, between this "youth" and "maturity".The matter of balance. Just like many other things in life, where it is important to find what we call “golden middle” and “ right limits”.
So once again, I want to assure dear men on this site, that you should not regard your age ( or your lady's age) as a obstacle in relationship. It cannot prevent you from love and being loved. And this is what we all seek here, isn't it?
With best regards and wishes of love to everyone,