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23 Feb 2018

Cold Reality

by Jeffrey:306634
I find in my own small and often trivial way, dis-satisfaction with the world and all that is within it. Dreams bent from reality, and a desire to rid the earth of it's daily pain and suffering, gives me little hope in a bleak and cold future. Well meaning acts of generosity only temporarily place these things to rest and allow us a glimpse the possibilities generated by kinship and kindness . Life is often made of trials and tribulations, daily testing ones resolve and willingness to survive one more day, and to rest in the darkness for one more night. The sun rise brings it's promise of test and trial, and leaves each to his or her own devices to:-):-) transform and bend the day to their individual will. Light is found in it's own time and space and the void of darkness makes the light all the brighter. The cold reality of darkness sends a shiver down ones spine, and the warmth of light draws one ever closer. I have discovered that the real warmth in this world is not found in flame, fortune, power or reward, but in the warm and bright light of love. Love asks for nothing, seeks no reward, and grants only power to the one's it affects. The fortune generated is abundant but is not visible to those refusing the light, the heart is filled to over flowing and shields one from a cold and lonely existence. Society demands the physical, ignoring the emotional, guided by a desire to touch and hold, not to relate and feel ones soul. True love is found in the emotional and only grants the physical in loves own time. Were society falsely believes love is an intimate act or action, leaping from one relationship to the next. Never really understanding the emotional connection of ones heart, they seek self fulfillment for that moment and continue to spine off into darkness. just out of reach of loves brilliant light. Harsh reality is found in the coldness of space, in a void where nothing is possible but ones own demise. Love warms with is golden glow, lifting its captives from the vail of darkness and making all things possible. Those who never grasp the true meaning of love, will forever drift out in space and time. Seeing only a glimmer off in the distance, but never really basking in the warmth love creates. seeing the world through loves beautiful light.