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12 Mar 2018

Is there a Perfect Woman for you in the whole Universe?!

by Wonka
When we hear "Perfect", we usually mean a woman who has supernatural powers. She is divinely cooking, a good housewife, clever and erudite, always looks gorgeous. A beautiful mother who earns well. At the same time she adores her husband, is not jealous, is not sick and she does not have a bad mood.
Where is this "Super Woman"? I would take from her some important advice with great pleasure)))
But let's try to understand how to combine all these qualities in ourselves.
1) Build your relationship with your husband on trust. You must understand that he is your protection and support. He is your friend and together you are stronger.
2) Do not cry. Learn to negotiate. Explain to your man that his participation in home affairs is important to you.
3) Do not forget about the child ... treat him like an equal member of the family. Know how to trust and listen to your child. This is the basis of strong relations.
4) Learn to distribute attention between loved ones. More time spent together (family trip to the park or a visit to the guests)
5) Encouragement and fair praise are the "magic effect" in relation to all.
6) Wondering the children and the husband, do not forget about yourself. You are not a robot, you need rest. You should sparkle, but do not cause pity.
If you decide to be the ideal wife to your husband and a good mom for your children, you will have to make an effort. Try and reward will find you))))

Cinnamon Buns :P