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12 Mar 2018

What do you think, how does "Love" relationship differ from true love?

by Aqua Marine
Good afternoon, my dear readers) Let's discuss the most interesting topic - "love." What do you think, how does "Love" relationship differ from true love?
There can be many relationships in one year, because this is a temporary state, but there can be only one or two real Love stories in all life, and for someone and not a single one.
Relationships are an illusion of love. A chemical reaction that causes a feeling of love and attraction.
You can be in love without a relationship, for example. And many people are happy like that.
While being in relationships with someone, people amuse themselves with the fact that they are not single, believing that there is something between them. But in most cases it is only the affection or benefit of each of them, often intimate. All these relations are based on the usual partnership in order to meet their needs, but the needs, like the weather, are constantly changing.
You should remember, any need has its saturation limit, so when this limit is reached, interest in the person becomes minimal, and this is one of the reasons why a lot of ""couples"" fall apart during the first months.
And what do you think Love means and how do you understand this word? Waiting for your comments.
Sincerely, Marina !