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13 Mar 2018

I know here it is a Man for me in the whole Ocean of good Men!

by __SEXY__PILL__
Hello to all readers!! it is so nice to meet nice people here and read a little about other expectations, hopes and feelings. I like so much to read romantic stories, from the people who found love here on the site and joined their hearts. This all keeps me here! I am so excited to find and spend all my life with a man. Who will cherish me and care. Who will let me give him all my tenderness and love, and body unconditionally. Of course this man will have to suffer from my food experiements. I dont like to eat breat with butter as the best food. I will be better experimenting with salads, finest meet, sea food and spices. Do you agree that spices are very important?
Who knows maybe a man of my dreams is readinfg this now and it will reach his heart?
My Man, can i ask you did you do something fun today? Or just relaxing watching my pictures? :) Do you know that you are reading the most cute but silly girl some times in the world?! Why? Let me explain! But please, 1) promise me not to laugh from me, 2) share with me something very personal from your life. Dear, that matter is that i like to listen music and dance some ))) once i slipped in the shower when i was washing myself, singing and dancing.. some water got to my mouth, i started to cough and hang on the shower water tap nose. The water tap nose appeared to be very hard to hold me from the disaster.. since that time i dont do all three things in one time in the shower... would you get it under your controll?

Sexy Pill

PS: i very hope to place here Our romantic story