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14 Apr 2018

If we want to be a couple we should share

Hi dear! Today i was drinking coffee under the umbrella and saw a interesting thing... A woman and a man were eating an ice cream from one plate with two spoones. what does it mean if they’re eating from the same thing? Could it indicate a level of trust between the girl and the boy? Ot maybe the reson is that they can’t afford to have two separate ice creams? or they couldn’t manage a full one? or they just were being generous?

In any case it means, that they feel comfortable enough with each other to eat ice cream from the same cup. and maybe that they both like the same type of an ice cream.))

Sometimes people like each other and date but they are nervous about breaking bread with your potential mate. It is wrong to do so. You should do a lot of things together to manage to know each other better. To see where you match and where dont. Maybe you both got a similar case of the butterflies)))) Maybe not)) maybe you can live with some things if you discovered about each other. Sometimes after doing lots of things together you understand that you cant stand that every day.. no matter if you think you Love a person. Yes, love is blind! But love can smell, hear and feel.. and if all those sences does not go well with yours you just cant live together and sleep in one bed. What do you think about that?


ps: does it drive you crazy when a Woman Seductively Eating Ice Cream?