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15 Apr 2018

Marriage without love?

by Candy_girl_VIKA
Everyone dreams to love and be loved... It is so pleasant to know that someone special has the same feelings as you do: passion, affection, respect and LOVE. But why people get married without feelings? Is it really important to love?

Why do people get married? Sometimes it's not about love... For example, some women think it's a shame to be single when you are over 27. Some ladies hate living with their parents or they dream to move to another country - so they're looking for a foreigner. In addition,the nature makes women always think about motherhood. There are more women who want kids than child-free ladies. It's a physical need!

Some men get married because they fell in love with wife's legs. And that's all! But after marriage these legs get fat, or the woman gets older and she stops wearing too high heels. As a result, the man says:"We divorce". I know that some men don't love at all, but they enjoy the fact that a woman takes care of home, she cooks every day and she gives satisfaction.

I am not against such marriages, because many people get married as they just feel comfortable together. It's fine, but I am sure they would be sorry to never love each other.

What is marriage for me? Marriage is a serious step of two people who LOVE each other. They do really love everything: all imperfections, all features. They are ready to die for each other, they can travel to another part of the world just to kiss each other and devote their lives to each other.

I dream about this love, and I do really hope to find it at! Please, never have relationships for comfort, try to open your heart and give love!

Have a nice day. XOXO, Vika!