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15 Apr 2018

I ain't no superstar, I'm just like you are

by Julia_Diamond
I ain't no superstar, I'm just like you are... There's no spotlight shining on me!

Do you remember this song by Remady? It's like an anthem for my life. I always try to act like a good person, and it's important to be a human, not a bad person with star fever.

There are so many people who want to feel they're the coolest ones. If they really succeed in business, if they see many places and afford good life, if they support their parents and friends, I can really think they are cool people. But I don't like when someone has a star fever. It's harmful for relationships!

But stars are on the sky, and we are on the ground. So whatever you do in your life, never think you are the best one. Just believe that you can make the world become better, try to make good influence for your planet and the whole Universe. And people will remember you!

What do I mean in my post? I often hear such a phrase:"It is so hard to find a spouse!"
And I know the reason why. People think they are the superstars and they deserve only Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. They need a supermodel or a billionaire. Whyyy? People, why don't you look for family values, deep feelings and nice communication? Why do you need a good financial status and amount of sportcars in your garage instead of happy family life and joyful lifetime with your couple?

Having money or looking like Angelina Jolie is not good or bad, it's just not right to use it as a reason to be a good candidate for marriage. Just be simple, open your inner world, be friendly and nice! And that's all!

I don't feel angry, I feel desperate now... I don't need a superstar who wants to have many fans on this service. I need the only one man for me and our future relationships.

It's really awkward to come online and feel that some men are making casting or audition for the sexiest bride for him. I hope that a good man will notice me here and he will text me today...