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15 Apr 2018

Big breasts: a gift of fate or punishment?

by YourAfrodita
A person resembles a candy. You can have an amazing taste, but with a boring wrapper you will hardly have to count on universal recognition. However, instead of working hard to create our original packaging, we copy the standards of fashion magazines and strive for universally recognized ideals.
Recently we met with my girlfriends and began to discuss typical female "problems". The conversation turned to the breasts.
A woman is a woman for that, that she will never be satisfied with herself.
Those whom nature endowed with a small breast tend to increase it, and the owners of a large bust are not averse to reducing the parameters a little.

The main problem of women with big breasts is that they realized its power too early, and realizing it they believed in the fact that the size of the bust compensates for many shortcomings of the figure.

To divert attention from short legs or plump buttocks, pompous ladies need only put the neckline deeper, and they are aware of this)))

I love my breasts, but also problems with her oh-oh-oh. The process of buying beautiful underwear, swimsuits and clothes that will sit like a pouring in, takes a very long time.
It's difficult to choose my favorite jackets and shirts, the buttons all the time diverge. You'll take a thing for size more - it sits perfectly on your chest, but dangles in the shoulders! It's impossible not to like big breasts.) But the main thing is not the size of the breast, but the way the girl presents it. Often girls with big breasts slouch, which is simply terrible. The size, I believe, should be in harmony with the body.

And, in your opinion, what is better: a large breasts complete with other lush forms or a small chest with everything else too small?