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18 Apr 2018

A secret of perfect relationship? –A good cup of tea!

by Alinka_Fit
A relationship is like a cup of tea. In order to enjoy it you need to fully awaken by now.
Only realizing the present one can feel the warmth, the heat, the passion of it. Only in the present, you can enjoy its aroma and its taste.
If you think about the past or worry about the future too much, then miss the experience of enjoying your half and your cup. You will look at the cup, but do not notice the tea in it.
If you are not present in your relationship completely, then it will pass by. Make it fresh and hot each day, try it in different variants, when its hot and passionate makes you burn (don’t forget to add some crazy notes to it;)) , don’t miss it gentle and warming, oh and you need to know how it tastes when it’s a bit colder, mmm but refreshing.
Colder, but not older)))….I’m not sure if you will like it if you ignore it and drink it the other day, though. You will miss the feeling, the fragrance, the colors and the beauty of it. It will seem that it is eluding you.
The past is over. Learn from it, make your relationship better with each day and let the past go. When you stop digging into what has already happened and worry about what has not happened yet hen you can be present in your present relationship and enjoy it to the fullest.
You are not perfect and she is not perfect, give yourself a new chance every day, be present and enjoy your every sip, experiment, try different…life is so short…and you will experience your best cup of tea ever….

Have you already found your cup of tea?