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15 May 2018

More feminity - this is what our world needs!

I can really see that women around are stronger and stronger and I also see how their women qualities are fading away! This makes me feel so sad. Emancipation has made us strong and independent and alienated from the understanding of our feminine essence. Being weak next to a man is not a shame. Admiring man is pleasant and exciting. What has happened with us, women?
We don't let our femininity speak. We need to change a voice: take away the sharpness, speak smoothly and gently, do not raise the tone, do not swear. How else do men recognize a woman and understand that she is not a man? By a graceful gait, by the smile that often shines on her face, by the smooth movements of the hands and head, by the look that promises all the treasures on earth to someone who can charm his possessor. To be a woman and to be myself - these are the two main principles for women. To be a woman who is capable of loving, accepting, enjoying every moment of life and creating such a space around herself, in which, the man feels himself like a God, isn't it a real predestination of woman. I think so and what is your opinion?