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16 May 2018


by Julia_Diamond
Every foregin man should know that marriage with Ukrainian lady consists of three Ls: LOVE, LOYALTY AND LUST! It's very important to find all of these three features before you come with a ring and say:"Will you marry me?"
Let's talk about these points!
LOVE: Love is the most important feeling which is necessary for relationships. If you don't love, you get nothing. You can't keep long happy marriage only respecting and being a friend with a person. One day you will leave explaining: "I have feel no love, sorry!" So please, don't break anyone's heart. If you should strong love, struggle for relationships!
LOYALTY: Marriage requires loyalty and being faithful. It's important to feel that you are the only one. And make sure your partner that he/she is the only one for you. Then you won't quarrel about being jealous, suspicious or hanging out with friends.
LUST: It's a lust for life, lust in love! When two people get married, they get lots of motivation and passion! They want to have kids, to build new house, to travel around the world, to live long life! It's so amazing!

Do you agree with my point of view? I am glad if you write to me some feedback!

Thank you for reading!