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16 May 2018

Wedding in Ukraine?

by Your_Love-Darya
I am sure that some us will get married thanks to this amazing site! I dream to find my husband, and of course, I dream about marriage! So what happens if you decide to celebrate your wedding in Ukraine? Let me tell you about some traditions! Get ready!))
1. Wedding in Ukraine can last for 3 days! The first day is for official ceremony, the second day is for partying, the third day is for having fun after everyone gets hangover)).
2. Usually the traditional wedding requires many quests - up to 100 relatives and friends! Nowadays fiances don't want to have a big party, because it can cost a lot and relatives are not so close to each other. Anyway, you should get prepared for surprise - guests can come even without invitation!
3. Christian wedding is very common to the Catholic wedding. Bride and groom make a vow holding candles, saying important words to each other. But also, the ceremony can be held just on the bank of the river and wedding host instead the priest.
4. Don't get scared if someone says:"I am stealing the bride!" She is not kidnapped. It's just a fun time, and guests should play games to win the bride back to the wedding hall).
5. Husband and wife don't go to the honeymoon after the party. They go to hotel and sleep, because they have two more days for the party! Some couples can afford honeymoon only 6 months after! Yes, wedding is expensive.:)
So it's up to you if you want to have a big party or just the small one.
Anyway, it's a pleasant even when you feel happiness and joy.
So, I wish all of you to get married and be happy in love!