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05 Aug 2018

"Why did she tell me - NO?"

by sweety_Blonde
1. Women who hate men.
Surely you heard from friends or burned yourself. This type of women has got used to achieve it by any means. For them, the feelings of the rest of the people (their admirers, beloved ...) are absolutely not important. They get pleasure, humiliating their partners, sometimes, leading them to madness. And if they give someone a key to their body, it is only for a "maximum fee". In general, bitch, in a word. We bypass this side !!!
2. You are too poor for her.
Familiar? No?! So you are the lucky one !!! And not because they are rich, but because they have not encountered such persons. I, in general, do not blame this type of women (in contrast to the first paragraph). Everyone wants material well-being and there is nothing shameful about this. The only thing I'm against is that such women are falsely played and used for their own purposes men. And, as a rule, to great regret, it happens. This, alas, does not benefit either side.
3. At the moment she has an affair with someone else.
Never, hear, never try to convince a woman that her boyfriend is not her couple !!!
This has absolutely the opposite effect. Proven and not just. This will tell you any psychologist. If you firmly decided to "discourage her from him" (I plan to write a manual about this;)), on the contrary, you have to become her best "girlfriend". But this is a completely different story ...
4. She likes to flirt and nothing else.
Some women with low self-esteem or married will often flirt with you, but when you try to shorten the distance, she will not let you in and maybe even try to make you feel guilty.The reason for this is that she wants to be loved. Women say that they get true bliss when men try to conquer them.
5. She has an eerie and contradictory character.
Most girls with this character believe that men are their main enemies. They tend to spoil the life of men only because they are men. These women are not comrades! ;)
6. Your way of meeting with a girl is chosen incorrectly!
Yes, guys, there's full responsibility for your failure to lie down, solely, on your shoulders. For example, if you are at a disco, and you put your hand on the shoulder of a certain girl and say: "Hello baby" this can work with one girl, but not work with another. Therefore, always soberly assess the situation!
7. At an unnecessary time in an unnecessary place.
You perfectly understand what I mean ... :)
8. She departs after a long relationship!
I think you are familiar with this situation. I wonder why we - the girls call themselves completely free in such situations, if it is, in fact, different? Probably, it's more self-deception.
9. You are not self-assured!
If you notice, I constantly press on this man's quality. Believe me, it really is extremely important. Often, a woman next to you feels more like a mother than a girl. And even though to say "YES", she says - "NO".
10. Your appearance, manners, culture.
I allowed myself to generalize these concepts. That's it, just apply the Russian folk proverb "On clothes meet ...".
For many women (and for me as well) it is very important that her young man has the above qualities.
I do not mean that he was terribly mannered, advanced in fashion issues and insanely cultured. Everything is good in moderation! Few people like a slob-foul-mouthed. So, we draw conclusions.

Here, perhaps, for today and all!
And what can you add about this?