What is really makes us happy?

on 05 Aug 2018

There will be a morning. So, one more chance to become happier, humbler, more beautiful than yesterday. Do you remember how Osho wrote? "To live is not to go somewhere. To live is to go out for a morning walk. "
Every new day is not a test, but a walk. We walk on the earth, meet beautiful people, breathe the sea breeze, make the wrong address, fall in love and broke up, fall and rise, get sick and recover, but keep going. Tomorrow the weather will be better, but the houses are even lighter. And it's not about the earthly house and the weather. Everything begins and ends within us. When we thank, love, embrace, share, we find ourselves in paradise. When we gossip, get angry, hate, deceive - we burn in hell.
Tomorrow we will become even better and learn how not to succumb to the general chaos. We will protect our worlds, hug our families more often, help those who need help and travel more.
Happiness is gratitude and movement. I do not believe that it's possible to become happy by lounging on the couch in an embrace with a box of éclairs. Happiness is within us, but to understand it we need to move, hear, see, observe and compare. There are always those who are more difficult - it's important not to forget about it. After all, we usually think that our cross is heavier than the cross of one's neighbour.

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