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06 Aug 2018

About being real woman

by LubovAmazing
When we talk about possibility to find a real man, then do you think first who is real woman?
Maybe each of us first need to put some requirements to improve and just then ask something from strong part of our world?
As for me real woman is:
1. SHE is not transformed into a good person, when
the moment comes! SHE is real ALWAYS, regardless of status. SHE knows how to be unconditionally fortunate here and right now!
2. SHE is proud of being a woman, how much SHE is given to feel how bright her inner world is, protects it and learn it
3. SHE never hurries anywhere, but always, everywhere comes in time: SHE has enough time for yourself, to develop, to create coziness and to give warmth, setting the pace of peace, and not other way
4. SHE always always remember about beloved people, but puts herself on the first place, only because she knows- main is to give, but for this we need first to have, so SHE keeps her heart in peace and quiet, intact, and no one will ever know the endless corners of her soul up to the smallest nuances. It will always be only her temple
5. SHE lives according to her own rules, which is dictated to her just by intuition and the realized awareness of the world, the concepts of sin and grace
6. Nothing in life can affect her self-esteem, SHE is unshakable and the only person who has the right to put an appraisal is herself. SHE draws conclusions, but never surrenders and does not betray herself! There is no arrogance in her, SHE knows her faults well , works on them, but they never grow into complexes
7. SHE does not have to do anything to anyone, but SHE does everything just because SHE loves. SHE takes a step forward only when SHE feels and keeps her bloodiness in those moments when her soul is silent
8. SHE does not like quarrels and prevents war at the very beginning, SHE is the keeper of warmth and comfort, SHE is the one who gives peace and tranquility
9. SHE has no problems, and nothing wrong with her life! Better to say sure all this is certainly present in life, but noone can tell it by its appearance with her look. SHE realizes that the severity
circumstances depends on our attitude towards them, therefore it is always for all level and calm
10. There are no casual men in her life and it is impossible to meet her next to an unworthy man
11. SHE respects her age, loves it, accepting with all the pluses and minuses
12. LOVE for her is the physical closeness of souls!
SHE is a REAL woman. And only SHE has the right to be with a REAL man!