your wishes come true...

on 06 Aug 2018

Close your eyes. What do you see? Is that what you want it to be?
Now look around. How many happy eyes can you see?
Our happiness is what we have inside. And outside as well.
Waking up and seeing how your beloved is sleeping is wonderful..as well as holding his arm, kissing him, loving him....
The most important thing one should do in his/her life is to give love.
All people dream to find love...and they will. And as soon as their heart will beat quicker- you will see more happy eyes around.
Don't even try to argue.
I will tell you a little secret.
Wishes come true only when they exist.
I have a wish. The most important one for me. So that my eyes could shine like a diamond...full of happiness and love.. I want to become a happy wife and a mother.
and it will come true.
Because I believe.

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