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07 Aug 2018

Why were we born this way?

by ActiveJuli
Every person comes to the point when you stop and think: what to do, what I have done, what should I do, where I am now, what is happiness for me right now, do you think about ?
While I am single I am thinking about my destiny and fate about happiness and love. I had read the article about birth connection between two people and I don’t know how it works but when people get married and divorce in the future it means they were not connected so problems made their relations hard and difficult but if two people are connected from the birth doesn’t matter country, color and age -nothing can ruin relations only two soulmates can solve problems together can be happy in bad times and in good times. Where are you my soulmate, my second half, the man who can be connected to me, who can feel me, who can love me, who can talk to me without words and then make us happier without lots of money. Happiness is not money. Happiness is love, care and respect courage and inspiration. If you are inspired in the relations with a person it means a lot. How do you feel right now? Are you inspired about this search