Are you agree or disagree with the statement that 'Appearance is important'?

on 17 Aug 2018

Hello everyone!
Have you noticed before that some people often judge others by their appearance? I should add that society places a great value on appearance. So that is why lots of people care about how they look. However , it is dangerous to place so much importance on how someone is looking right now. Do you know why? There is no doubt that aesthetics is important but it does not indicate the character of other people at all. I want you not to judge the people you want to be with. Because you must be mistaken. First of all, you should try to find what is inside of everyone and only after that you can judge the outlook of your friend.
I hope you will think about my thoughts properly and this recommendation will help you to meet lots of people with beautiful soul with whom you will be happy together.
With kind regards,

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