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10 Sep 2018

Life is the road . I'll go so far, to reach you one day! !


When passion floods us like a wave covers surfer in Tahiti - do we really think about what will happen to us tomorrow and what economic situation in the country at the moment?) We certainly live in an age of technology, practicality, calculus ... Many even practice love on schedule and choose a partner for the lunar calendar or convenience ... But I'm sure - this is also the reason for the large number of unhappy people who have many things for happiness - but feel themselves absolutely devastated. People have learned how to play on the stock exchange, fill out tax returns and make profitable contributions - but at the same time forgot how to really love, lose your head from emotions and sensations, live one day with someone special with whom you want to wake up each morning. I came to this dating site with great hopes and an open heart! I want to meet a man who has not lost himself in the hectic gray everyday life and is not disappointed in priceless and eternal things ... Someone associates his life with a long road, someone with road markings or with a large ship. And for me, my life is a roller coaster)! Always on the move, but the most important thing is that on the ups - someone shouted with delight with me. At sharp turns - a strong shoulder held me, and when our trailer will throw us down - to hold each other's hand, that nothing to be afraid and again to be ready for a new take-off! And when we decide to take a break - we will support each other and enjoy dizziness). That's how I see my life with my man. I'm even ready not to fasten my seat belts, and just trust the strong hands of my hero. I hope I find it here. Sparks in the eyes and a flame in the middle - something that makes us truly alive, slightly drunk without wine and always in love. Do not be afraid of the impulses of your soul and look for someone who agrees to rush with you on the most extreme rides without insurance.