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11 Sep 2018

Have you ever had to declare love?

by ActiveJuli

This story is about one man ,who never declared love to his woman . He was a good guy, who liked to work hard . That man always tried to do any tasks , but he had never fallen in love. He knew one best of the best woman who also showed sympathy and flirt with him but he never had enough courage to confess to her. Once upon a time she asked him : when are you going to tell me about your feelings ?” The man answered: “I do Not , but I would like to do this oneday” Many days passed, many months passed And the man decided to declare love to her, because he have already fallen in love with her, all this time we could not find braveness to say that. How do you think, were they living together in happiness and harmony? Would you wait so long to declare love to your woman? I do hope to hear your opinion. Juliya