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11 Sep 2018

Female Revelation


Revelation . The road of a woman. I have repeatedly heard that many men think that being a woman is much easier then to be a man . -You get everything for beautiful eyes. -You do not know what a cruel world is, you are a weak sex, etc. So let's talk about this. Firstly, the weak sex (in Russian language one word means floor and sex) floor is rotten boards, and to keep the beautiful eyes young and bright you have to do so many procedures every day and spend so much money on it that it would be enough to keep the car, SUV. We give birth to offspring, at this time we fall out of life, and someone drops out for years, as long as we are nurturing and nurturing the child we are fattening, losing tone, we do not have time to watch ourselves, and then, in fear of losing our beloved man, we puncture ourselves with a heap preparations at cosmetologists and we do braces, make a new breast, etc. And all these interventions do not always give the desired result and can significantly undermine a woman's health. It does not seem that our fate is so easy?) And we forget that a man in 50 and 60 can be made for women, and a woman after 35-40 years begins to fade (all very individually) but more often just so. I don`t want to talk that our female life is so difficult...NO! We have a lot of nice and gret in our mission to be mother and wife. But one thing i know..Man should be rest a man and woman should be a woman. Then all Kings will find their Queens.