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12 Sep 2018

My Impression of Ukrainian Women

by cliff:306113

I have communicated with many different women on this site. I have received thousands of letters, most of the letters I never read. But, I have read hundreds of letters and replied to dozens of Ukrainian women. And the one thing that I have discovered about Ukrainian women is that they are cold. If you read the letters I have received you would wonder how I could possibly say that. Most of the letters are full of commitment, passion, emotions, and sex. And when any man reads them he would think, Wow these are women whose souls of full of life. But, when you dig deeper and get to know them you're left with a much different impression. Most of the women are extremely jealous, suspicious, and mistrustful. Many of them will not put the effort into a relationship that is required to have a real relationship. They are willing to give you trust! A trust that your intentions are real and what you telling them are you true. Without trust nothing else is possible in a relationship. Trust is the bridge on which love stands, without trust love is not possible. I can’t tell you why they are so mistrustful. Whether it is their culture, their personal experiences with men, or their personal experiences with foreign men. The origin of their mistrust isn’t particularly important, everyone has had painful experiences. But, to be ready for love and real relationship you have put those things in the past. A relationship requires TRUST! You have give the person some trust and allow them into life, and as they show you that they are deserving of trust you gave them you give them more trust. That’s how you have a real relationship. But, all relationship require TRUST to even start a relationship. So, if you aren’t willing to give TRUST your wasting your time and everyone else time.